Early Rider Belter 16w 2021 – Kids Bike


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The World’s best selling Belt Drive bike……. just got better. Refined with the help of over 100,000 young riders, the Belter 16 is built with the very best components and performs in a way that will make you rethink what your child is capable of.A ridiculously good 4 bearing cassette-hub puts pay to energy sapping distortion when those little legs power down to crush the hills. Our market leading, micro adjust drive system ensures perfect alignment for the efficiency kids need to ride further and to explore more. A sliding drop out that allows effortless wheel removal and refit without the hassle of realigning. The same bearings found on our £2,000 full suspension bikes, because the smallest kids need the biggest help. A super lightweight aluminium frame, hand brushed so our craftsmanship and quality materials are there for all to see. Ritchey Logic finishing kit for confidence inspiring controls that will help your child progress further than you imagined. And, despite still being a paltry 5.7kgs, 2″ Vee Speedsters to add stability and better roll over because we all know what it feels like to hit bumps on skinny tyres.


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